Key statistics

-51.4 %

Operating margin
+7.3 pts vly


–1 vly

-71.7 %

ASK change

Main P&L figures

£m/2021 vly
Total revenue before exceptionals 3,694 -307
Operating loss before exceptionals -1,900 +449
Operating loss after exceptionals -1,769 +2,133


  • E170
  • E190
Embraer 170


  • Owned: 0
  • Right of use: 0
  • Total 31 Dec 2021: 0
  • Changes since previous year: -1
Embraer 190


  • Owned: 9
  • Right of use: 14
  • Total 31 Dec 2021: 23
  • Changes since previous year: 21


British Airways’ 2021 network reflected demand from UK holidaymakers avoiding overseas destinations, which were subject to quarantine restrictions and expensive testing requirements. Throughout the summer the company operated routes to destinations included on the UK Government’s ‘Travel Corridor’ Green and Amber list countries, once self-isolation requirements for double-vaccinated passengers were removed.

Throughout the year, BA operated regular flights to New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, although at a reduced level given that the US didn’t fully open until beginning of November. The company also kept regular flights to the Caribbean destinations. Routes to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires only resumed in December.

The airline also operated to multiple AMESA destinations including Dubai, India, South Africa and Pakistan.

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