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 Q2 2020 Traffic and capacity statistics

-98.4% Passengers Carried 508

-98.5% Revenue passenger km 1,155m

-95.3% Available seat km 4,103m

-56.8 pts Passenger load factor 28.2%

-59.0% Cargo tonne km 578m

5.5% Passengers Carried 8,747,000

6.4% Revenue passenger km 22,410m

2.0% Available seat km 26,706m

+3.5pts Passenger load factor 83.9%

-7.8% Cargo tonne km 458m

How we’re organised

IAG is the parent company of the Group and actively engages and works collaboratively with its portfolio of operating companies to drive synergies and maximise performance. Its independence from the operating companies allows for objective, flexible and rapid decision-making and enables IAG to implement the strategy to deliver the long-term vision for the Group. The operating companies are in turn able to focus their efforts on their target customers, competitive environment and their people. The portfolio sits on the Group’s common integrated platform which drives efficiency and simplicity while allowing each operating company to achieve individual performance targets and maintain its unique identity.


Our vision

IAG’s purpose – ‘To connect people, businesses and countries’ - underpins the Group’s vision to be the world’s leading airline group, maximising sustainable value creation for its stakeholders. IAG will continue to use its unique business model to pursue this purpose and vision and always aims to deliver sustainable value for its customers, its people, its shareholders and the communities it serves.