2021 overview

At LEVEL we have played a crucial role in maintaining Barcelona’s connectivity, adapting our operations to the varying restrictions, offering our clients an alternative choice of destinations.

Reactivation commenced as soon the restrictions were lifted in our consolidated routes, peaking during the summer months when we attained 24 per cent of the seats flown to the United States out of Barcelona. Our commitment to air cargo allowed us to maintain operations in the most difficult months of the year. True to the model, we combined the most competitive fares with a boost in the sale of ancillary products. In addition, and thanks to the sale of connections with Vueling, we expanded the reach of our services. During the third quarter of the year, 16 per cent of sales were connecting flights. Despite facing one of the most challenging years in aviation history, our commitment to the reactivation of the sector has strengthened our position in Barcelona.

LEVEL has moved decisively towards the full reactivation of longhaul flights from Barcelona. It has adapted to the pandemic, seeking alternatives that have allowed it to maintain its operations and fulfil its raison d’être: to connect the world and people.

Luis gallego martin

Javier Sánchez-Prieto Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Iberia

2021 overview

The LEVEL model

breaks the traditional ‘vertically-integrated’ airline business model. It separates operational production from the customer-facing elements of the business in order to lower costs and makes the business model scalable.

Our customers

demand great prices, but also a customer experience they can tailor to their needs. From choosing meals, drinks, bags and seats to wi-fi and entertainment, LEVEL offers a flexible range of options so that its customers can make their flight their own – all delivered in a modern, fun and cool way.


In 2021 LEVEL resumed operations to San Francisco and New York.

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