The Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment tests are powerful tools that employers can use to dramatically streamline the hiring process. Administering pre-employment tests allows companies to make more informed hiring decisions by adding objective data into each hiring decision. This results in more productive employees, reduced turnover, and less time and money spent on hiring and training costs.

This Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing provides a detailed overview of what pre-employment testing is, the benefits of using pre-employment testing, how testing validity is determined, the best practices and strategies for implementing testing, and the legal issues relating to testing.

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What are Pre-Employment Tests?

This section provides an introduction to the basics of pre-employment testing. It describes the different types of pre-employment assessments, discusses how widespread pre-employment testing is, and explains what to expect from using pre-employment tests.

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The Benefits of Using Pre-Employment Tests

This section explains the major benefits of using pre-employment testing. It explains why companies use pre-employment testing and then outlines the major benefits of using pre-hire tests, including higher productivity; increased employee retention and reduction in costs associated with turnover; more efficient, less time consuming hiring process; and increased defensibility in the hiring process.

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Validity of Pre-Employment Tests

This section defines the different types of validity measures used to validate professionally developed pre-employment tests. It covers the concepts of construct validity, content validity, criterion validity, and validity generalization.

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Best Practices for Implementing Pre-Employment Testing

This section outlines the best practices and strategies for getting the full value out of pre-employment testing. It covers how to choose types of tests, when to administer tests, how many tests to administer, how to test existing employees to establish benchmarks, and how to set minimum or maximum cutoff scores.

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Legal Issues Relating to Pre-Employment Testing

This section explains the legal issues associated with pre-employment testing. It explains the legal guidelines governing hiring practices, the ability for pre-employment testing to increase the defensibility of the hiring process, the rule of job-relatedness, the legality of using certain tests, and the concept of adverse impact.

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